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Operation And Programming; Operation Panel - Hitachi WJ200-001SF Manual

Wj200 series
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Operation and Programming

Operation Panel

WJ200 Series can be easily operated with the digital operator provided as standard.
( 4 ) Run LED
ON when inverter is in RUN mode.
( 5 ) Monitor LED [Hz]
ON (Green) when the displayed data is
frequency related.
( 6 ) Monitor LED [A]
ON (Green) when the displayed data is
current related.
( 8 ) 7-segment LED
Shows each parameter, monitors etc.
( 7 ) Run command LED
ON (Green) when the Run command is set to the
operator. (Run key is enabled.)
( 9 ) RUN key
Makes inverter run.
(11) Escape key
Go to the top of next function group,
when function mode is displayed.
Keypad Navigation Map
Group "d"
Function code
Group "F"
Function code
Group "A"
Function code
Group "b"
Group "C"
Group "H"
Group "P"
Group "U"
Group "d"
return to d001
Stöwer Antriebstechnik GmbH, Enneststrasse 3, 51702 Bergneustadt, tel: 02261-40970, Fax: 02261-41309
(12) Up key (13) Down key
Press up or down to sequence through parameters and functions
shown on the display, and increment/decrement values.
Function code display
Function group "d" is a monitor,
data cannot be changed.
: Moves to data display
Data display
d001: Output frequency monitoring
Function code display
: Change the value of function code.
Pressing the up key at the bottom of the group returns to the top of the group.
Function code display
: Jumps to the next group
Data display
F001: Output frequency setting
Data display (F001 to F003)
Data does not blink because of real time synchronizing
Saves the data in EEPROM and returns to function code display.
Data display
A001: Frequency source setting
Data display
When data is changed, the display starts blinking, which
means that new data has not been stored yet.
: Saves the data in EEPROM and returns to function code display.
: Cancels the data change and returns to function code display.
Function group "U" return to function group "d" next.
ON (Green) while the inverter is receiving
input power.
ON (Red) when the inverter trips.
( 3 ) Program LED
ON (Green) when the display shows
editable parameter.
(15) USB port
USB connector (mini-B) for PC communication.
(10) Stop / reset key
Makes inverter stop.
(16) RS-422 port
RJ45 jack for remote operator.
(14) Set key
Function code: Moves to the data display.
Data code: Press to write the new value
Single-Digit Edit Mode
If a target function code or data is far from current
position, using the single-digit edit mode makes it
quicker to navigate there. Pressing the up key and
down key at the same time brings you into the
digit-by-digit navigation mode.
Press both up key and down key at
the same.
1st digit will be blinking.
The blinking digit is moved by the
key right and left.
Use up/down keys to change the value
of the digit.
Move cursor to left.
Move cursor to right.
When the least signi cant digit is
blinking, the
key selects
that parameter.

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