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If The Low Oil Pressure Indicator Lights - Honda ST1300 2007 Owner's Manual

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If the Low Oil Pressure Indicator Lights

If you check your engine oil level regularly, you should never see the low
oil pressure indicator while riding. Normally, it will only light momentarily
when you turn the ignition switch ON. Occasionally, it may flicker at or
near idling speed.
Low oil pressure may be caused by an oil leak, a low oil level, or some problem
in the engine's lubrication system.
If the indicator comes on while you're riding, don't ignore it. Pull safely to the
side of the road. If possible, pull the clutch lever in and coast to a stop. Stop the
engine as soon as it's safe to do so.
Continuing to ride with low oil pressure can cause serious engine damage.
Check for an oil leak.
Then check the oil level. If necessary, add the recommended oil (page
to the upper level mark. If you must leave your motorcycle to get oil, secure it
as much as possible.
After adding oil, start the engine, and check that the low oil pressure indicator
goes off. Check for a possible leak.
If the indicator goes off and there is no leak –– resume riding. If there is a
leak –– do not ride the motorcycle until the leak is repaired by a Honda dealer.
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