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Storing Your Honda; Preparation For Storage - Honda ST1300 2007 Owner's Manual

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Storing Your Honda

If you won't be riding for an extended period, such as during the winter,
thoroughly inspect your motorcycle and correct any problem before storing it.
That way, needed repairs won't be forgotten and it will be easier to get your
motorcycle running again.
For more information about storage, refer to the
Storage Guide,
available from your Honda dealer (USA only).
We suggest you perform the following procedures to keep your motorcycle in
top condition. These storage procedures will reduce the deterioration that can
occur during storage.

Preparation for Storage

Refer to
Saf ety Precautions
This procedure requires a means for draining and disposing of drained fuel
Change the engine oil and filter (page
Make sure the cooling system is filled with a 50/50% antifreeze solution
Fill the fuel tank. Make sure the fuel fill cap is properly installed.
To prevent rusting in the cylinders, perform the following:
Remove the spark plug caps from the spark plugs. Using tape or string,
secure the caps to any convenient plastic body part so that they are
positioned away from the spark plugs.
Remove the spark plugs from the engine and store them in a safe place. Do
not connect the spark plugs to the spark plug caps.
Pour a tablespoon (15 20 cc) of clean engine oil into each cylinder and
cover the spark plug holes with a piece of cloth.
With the engine stop switch in the RUN position, press the start button
several times to crank the engine and distribute the oil.
Reinstall the spark plugs and spark plug caps.
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