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Appearance Care
Cleaning Your Windscreen
Refer to
Saf ety Precautions
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Using plenty of water, clean the windscreen with a soft cloth or sponge. (Avoid
using detergents or any kind of chemical cleaner on the windscreen.) Dry with a
soft, clean cloth.
To avoid possible scratching or other damage, use only water and a sof t cloth
or sponge to clean the windscreen.
For a dirtier windscreen, use a diluted neutral detergent with a sponge and plenty
of water. Make sure to wash off all the detergent. (Detergent residue may cause
windscreen cracks.)
Replace the windscreen if scratches cannot be removed and they obstruct clear
Take care to keep battery electrolyte, brake fluid, or other chemical solvents off
the windscreen. They will damage the plastic.
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