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Hitachi HBD316 User Manual page 15

Blu-ray disc
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MY MEDIA allows you to browse and play multi-
media files of data disc and USB device.
1. Insert a data disc.
2. After loading, within the HOME menu, you can use
LEFT and RIGHT buttons on the remote control to
select the MY MEDIA, and then press the ENTER
button to open the MY MEDIA menu shown as below:
Data Disc
Type Folder
3. Use UP/DOWN keys to highlight Data Disc then
press ENTER to confirm.
NOTE:The operations for USB device are similar to
the steps above.
The file name can be up to 255 characters.
The directory length can be up to 1152 characters.
When playing video discs, you must stop playback,
then switch to USB device.
Using the Edit menu
The Edit menu allows you to do following operations
towards folder or file: Add to Playlist, Select all, Clear
all, and Cancel.
Press UP/DOWN keys to select the
files need to be added, press RIGHT key to confirm
press POPUP MENU to open Edit menu.
Data Disc/Photo
Add to Playlist
Select all
Clear all
Type: JPG
Size: 0.241M
Resolution: 1024x768
NOTE: In the first and the second layers, it is not
effect to open Edit menu by using TITLE key.
Add to Playlist: Add the folder/file into Playlist.
Select All: Select all folder/file of current page. All
files or folders of current folder directory are marked
with the check mark.
Clear All: Unselect all selected folder/file.
Cancel: Cancel and exit the Edit menu.
NOTE: The maximum of file number for Select All
option is 100. Thus if there are more than 100 files,
only 100 files can be selected by choosing Select All.
Using the Playlist
You can custom your playlist by adding to Playlist
option from Edit menu.
1. Select the Playlist folder from the Browser menu.
2. There are 3 folders under Playlist: Photo, Music,
and Video. Please select the folder of your desired
file type.
3. Select your desired file or all files to playback.
NOTE: The Playlist will be cleared after power on.
The maximum file number is 100 for each sub-folder
(Photo, Music, and Video).
Viewing a picture file
Edit Menu
Supported file type: JPEG.
In MY MEDIA, you can browse and view your
desired JPEG file freely.
1. Use UP/DOWN keys to highlight the JPEG file you
want to view from the File Browser, then press to
ENTER confirm selecting.
Note: When highlight one JPEG file, its thumbnail is
displayed on the bottom right of the screen. Thus,
you can preview the picture firstly before selecting.
And also the file type, size, and resolution are disp-
layed on the preview area.
2. Now you can start viewing the pictures by the way
of slide show.
The followings is the instructions for the key usage
for viewing the JPEG file:
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: Rotate the picture. Use
these 4 keys to select rotate direction.
PAUSE: Press PAUSE to pause JPEG file playback,
then press PLAY to resume play.
STOP: Press STOP to stop(fully stop) the picture
playback and return to File Browser.
REPEAT Track/ALL: Playback one JPEG file or all
Edit Menu
files repeatedly. Press this key repeatedly to switch
repeat mode: Repeat Track-Repeat All-Repeat Off.
FF/FR: Change the picture playback speed: Fast
(1 second), Middle(2 seconds), Slow(3 seconds).
DISPLAY: Open the Display menu to view picture
playback relevant information.



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