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Frico AGS5515 Installation Instructions Manual Page 15

Air curtain ags5500 series.
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Basic setting fan speed
The fan speed when the door is open is set
using the control. Note that the air flow
direction and fan speed may need fine
adjustment depending on the loading of the
Filter (W)
The distance between the coil plates in
combination with the hole diameter of
the intake grille protects against dirt and
blockage. This normally makes a separate
filter unnecessary.
Service, repairs and maintenance
For all service, repair and maintenance first
carry out the following:
1. Disconnect the power supply.
2. The service hatch is opened by first
opening the intake grille and then unscrew
the screws in the underside of the unit, see
fig. 4.
Since fan motors and other components are
maintenance free, no maintenance other than
cleaning is necessary. The level of cleaning
can vary depending on local conditions.
Undertake cleaning at least twice a year. Inlet
and exhaust grilles, impeller and elements
can be vacuum cleaned or wiped using a
damp cloth. Use a brush when vacuuming
to prevent damaging sensitive parts. Avoid
the use of strong alkaline or acidic cleaning
All motors are equipped with an integral
thermal safety cut-out. This will operate,
stopping the air curtain should the motor
temperature rise too high. The cut-out
will automatically reset when the motor
temperature has returned to within the
motor's operating limits.
Temperature control
Temperature control of SIRe maintains the
exhaust temperature. If the temperature
should exceed anyway the overheating alarm
goes off. For more information see the manual
for SIRe.
Fan replacement
1. Determine which of the fans is not
2. Disconnect the cables to the relevant fan.
3. Remove the screws securing the fan and lift
the fan out.
4. Install the new fan as above in reverse
Replacing the water coil (W)
1. Shut off the water supply to the unit.
2. Disconnect the connections to the water
3. Remove the mounting screws securing the
coil in the unit and lift the coil out.
4. Install the new coil in reverse order to the
Draining the water coil (W)
The drain valve is on the underside of the coil
on the connector side. It can be accessed via
the service hatch.
Trouble shooting
If the fans are not working or do not blow properly,
check the following:
• That the intake grille/filter is not dirty.
• Functions and settings of the SIRe control
system , see manual for SIRe.
If there is no heat, check the following:
• Functions and settings of the SIRe control
system, see manual for SIRe.
For units with water coil, also check the following:
• That the water coil is air free.
• That there is enough water flow.
• That incoming water is heated enough.
If the fault cannot be rectified, please contact
a qualified service technician.


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