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Cisco AIR-PCM341 Installation And Configuration Manual Page 154

340 series 350 series aironet wireless lan client adapters for windows ce.
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Complementary code keying. A modulation technique used by IEEE 802.11b-compliant wireless LANs
for transmission at 5.5 and 11 Mbps.
Windows CE Application Manager. The desktop Windows CE Services component that provides a
desktop-to-device application management tool. It is responsible for adding and removing applications
on the Windows CE device and for deleting the application files from the desktop computer.
CeAppMgr is included with every installation of Windows CE Services.
A radio device that uses the services of an access point to communicate wirelessly with other devices
on a local area network.
Carrier sense multiple access. A wireless LAN media access method specified by the IEEE 802.11
A method of checking for errors in a received packet.
Cyclic Redundancy
Check (CRC)
The range of data transmission rates supported by a device. Data rates are measured in megabits per
Data Rates
second (Mbps).
A ratio of decibels to an isotropic antenna that is commonly used to measure antenna gain. The greater
the dBi value, the higher the gain and the more acute the angle of coverage.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. A protocol available with many operating systems that
automatically issues IP addresses within a specified range to devices on the network. The device retains
the assigned address for a specific administrator-defined period.
A type of low-gain (2.2-dBi) antenna consisting of two (often internal) elements.
A network server that translates text names to IP addresses.
Domain Name
Provides names for computers using alphanumeric characters instead of numbers like IP addresses use.
Domain Name
Maintains a database of the host alphanumeric names and their corresponding IP addresses.
System (DNS)
Direct-sequence spread spectrum. A type of spread spectrum radio transmission that spreads its signal
continuously over a wide frequency band.
Packets that were received twice because an acknowledgement got lost and the sender retransmitted the
Duplicate Packets
Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Client Adapters Installation and Configuration Guide for Windows CE


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