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Make Applications Free From Port Restriction By Dmz - TP-Link M7450 User Manual

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Chapter 8
3. Click
View Existing
External Port
takes application
MSN Gaming Zone
4. Click Save.
• You can add multiple port triggering rules according to your network need.
• The triggering ports can not be overlapped.
• If the application you need is not listed in the Existing Applications list, please enter the parameters manually. You
should verify the external ports the application uses first and enter them into
format the page displays.
8. 4.
Make Applications Free from Port Restriction
by DMZ
When a PC is set to be a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) host on the local network, it is totally
exposed to the internet, which can realize the unlimited bidirectional communication
between internal hosts and external hosts. The DMZ host becomes a virtual server with
all ports opened. When you are not clear about which ports to open in some special
applications, such as IP camera and database software, you can set the PC to be a DMZ
When DMZ is enabled, the DMZ host is totally exposed to the internet, which may bring some potential safety hazards. If
DMZ is not in use, please disable it in time.
I want to:
Applications, and select the desired application. The
will be automatically filled in. The following picture
as an example.
Make the home PC join the internet online game without port
NAT Forwarding
External Port
field according to the

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