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Phone Call; Phone Call Making A Call - Hitachi Wooo H001 User Manual

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Phone Call

Making a Call
While the standby screen is displayed,
use the number keys (0 to 9) of the
keypad to enter the phone number you
want to call.
When calling a standard phone, you need to enter the area
Press N.
After you finish a call, press F to hang up.
※ The caller always hears your voice even when you cover
the microphone with your hands.
Send Methods
You can select whether to notify/not to notify your cellphone
number to the other party by pressing c (Call) and displaying
Outgoing Menu in step 2.
To not notify: Select "Add Special No." in Outgoing Menu→c
To notify: Select "Add Special No." in Outgoing Menu→c (OK)
→Select "186"→c (Add) →N
To call without any settings: Select "Voice Call" in Outgoing
・ When calling without any settings, your cellphone number is
either notified or not notified according to "Caller ID" settings
of your phone.
(OK) →Select "184"→c (Add) →N
Menu→c (OK).