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Trial Operation And The Performance - Haier AU042FPERA Service Manual

Mrv s" series (4-6hp)
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9.3 Trial operation and the performance

5-minute delay function
• If starting up the unit after being powered off, the compressor will run about 5 minutes later against being
Cooling/heating operation
• Indoor units can be controlled individually, but cannot run in cool and heat mode at the same time. If the cool
mode and the heat mode are existing simultaneously, the unit set latter will be standby, and the unit set earlier will
run normally. If the A/C manager sets the unit at cooling or heating mode fixedly, the unit can not run at the other
Heating mode characteristic
• In operation if outdoor temp. arises, indoor fan motor will turn to low speed or stop.
Defrosting in heating mode
• In heating mode, outdoor defrosting will affect the heating efficiency. The unit will defrost for about 2~10 minutes
automatically, at this time, the condensate will flow from outdoor, also in defrosting, the vapour will appear at
outdoor, which is normal. Indoor motor will run at low speed or stop, and outdoor motor will stop.
The unit operation condition
• To use the unit properly, please operate the unit under the allowed condition range. If operating beyond the range,
the protection device will act.
• The relative humidity should be lower than 80%. If the unit runs at the humidity over 80% for a long period, the
dew on the unit will drop down and the vapour will be blowed from air outlet.
Protection device (such as high pressure switch)
• High pressure switch is the device which can stop the unit automatically when the unit runs abnormally.
When the high pressure switch acts, the cooling/heating mode will stop but the running LED on wired controller
will be light still. The wired controller will display failure code.
When the following cases occur, the protection device will act:
In cooling mode, air outlet and air inlet of outdoor are clogged.
In heating mode, indoor filter is sticked with duct; indoor air outlet is clogged.
When protection device acts, please cut off the power source and re-start up after eliminating the trouble.
When power failure
• When power is failure in running, all the operations will stop.
• After being electrified again, if with re-start up function, the unit can resume to the state before power off
automatically; if without re-start up function, the unit needs to be switched on again.
• When abnormal occurs in running because of the thunder, the lightning, the interference of car or radio, etc,
please cut off the power source, after eliminating the failure, press "ON/OFF" button to start up the unit.
Heating capacity
• The heating mode adopts the heat pump type that absorbs outdoor heat energy and releases into indoor. So if
outdoor temperature goes down, the heating capacity will decrease.
System marks
• On the condition that multi Outdoor systems are installed, in order to confirm the relationship between outdoor
and indoor, please make marks on outdoor electric control box cover to indicate the connected indoor unit. As the
below figure:
Indoor model:
Room No.
e.g. Indoor A, system 1, Floor 2

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