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Kenwood Sirius KTC-SR901 Quick Start Manuals page 6

For use with kenwood head units and in-dash televisions
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KTC-SR901 Sirius® Satellite Radio Tuner
Quick-Start Guide for:
Step 1: Get your unit's individual Electronic
Serial Number (ESN):
a) Press the SRC button (
"SIR" (Sirius) appears on the display
b) Press the DISP button (
"ESN XXXXXXXX" appears on the display
c) Write the number down
d) Press the SRC button (
Step 2: Subscribe to the Sirius Satellite
Radio service
a) Make sure your vehicle has the radio "ON" and
the antenna has a clear view of the sky with no
obstructions (buildings, garage, etc.)
b) Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
from the vehicle that the radio is installed in.
c) Have your unit's ESN and your credit card num-
ber handy
d) Contact SIRIUS on the web at or
call toll-free: 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474)
e) The operator will instruct you further
• Your tuner should be able to receive Sirius
Satellite Radio signals almost immediately after
you subscribe
Step 3: Searching for program categories
and channels:
a) Press the SRC button (
on the display
b) Press the AM button (
available program categories
) repeatedly until
) repeatedly until
) to exit
) until "SIR" appears
)to search through the
c) Press the Scan Forward and Scan Backward
buttons (
) to change channels within the
selected category
• If there are no channels available in a category,
the tuner will automatically switch to the next
Step 4: Display settings setup:
a) Press the SRC button (
on the display
b) Press the DISP button (
ing information on the display: Channel Number
& Channel Name/Channel Name/Song Title &
Artist Name & Album Title/Category
Name/ESN/ Channel Number
c) Press the DISP button (
play mode
Step 5: Setting channel presets:
a) Press and hold buttons 1-6 (
desired program and channel
)until "SIR" appears
) to scroll the follow-
)again to exit the dis-
) after tuning to



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