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Ad-hoc Network; Infrastructure Network; Security In Wireless Networks: Encryption - Siemens Gigaset 54 User Manual

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Gigaset USB Adapter 54 / English / A31008-E505-B104-1-19 / / 26.02.2004
The Gigaset USB Adapter 54

Ad-hoc network

In an ad-hoc network, PCs communicate with each other via wireless peer-to-peer
connections. An ad-hoc network is set up by participants as and when required. All the
PCs must have a wireless network adapter, for example a Gigaset USB Adapter 54,
Gigaset PC Card 54 or Gigaset PCI Card 54. Ad-hoc networks are used wherever
communication networks have to be set up quickly without any existing network
infrastructure and the participants are mobile.

Infrastructure network

In an infrastructure network, connections between network participants are set up via
an Access Point (or several Access Points). The Access Point provides the basis for the
wireless network. It controls the connections between the participants and can also
establish the connection from the mobile stations of a wireless network to a wired LAN
(Ethernet) or the Internet.
Several Access Points can be installed to extend the range of a wireless network.
Participants in the wireless network can move freely between the various Access Points
without losing contact to the network. As soon as there is a risk of losing contact, the
PC automatically looks for another Access Point with a stronger signal. All Access Points
and wireless network adapters must have the same SSID. All Access Points must be
connected to the same Ethernet network.

Security in wireless networks: Encryption

Any network, be it wired or wireless, is exposed to the risk of eavesdropping.
Connecting your local network to the public network exposes your data and applications
to not inconsiderable risks. As with an individual connection, you should always protect
your network PCs against external attacks, e. g. via emails, with a virus scanner.
These virus scanners however do not provide any protection against unauthorised
access from outside (hackers). To counter this risk, Gigaset data products offer various
encryption procedures that largely rule out unauthorised access (hacking) to your
wireless network.


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