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Gigaset USB Adapter 54 / English / A31008-E505-B104-1-19 / / 26.02.2004
Configuring the Gigaset USB Adapter 54
Turbo Mode
Turbo mode allows you to accelerate the transmission rate of your network adapter by
setting up a connection with exclusive rights. For the duration of the data transmission,
the two network adapters connected in Turbo mode remain unreachable for other
connection partners. This prevents a reduction of the transmission rate by simultaneous
communication with other connection partners.
Select Enabled to activate Turbo mode.
If you no longer need the exclusive connection:
Select Disabled to deactivate Turbo mode.
Transmission Power
The network adapter's energy consumption rises with increasing transmission power.
Especially when using a laptop in battery mode, you should adjust the Transmission
power to your actual requirements.
You can adjust the Transmission power of the Gigaset USB Adapter 54 with a slider.
Low Transmission power is normally sufficient when the connection partners are
not too far apart.
Higher Transmission power is required when the radio transmission has to cover
longer distances or is impeded by obstacles such as walls or metal shelves.
Move the slider to the required position:
Move the slider up to increase the Transmission power or down to reduce the
Transmission power.
Your network adapter can only use Turbo mode if the settings of the
WLAN and the connection partner permit it.
Two network adapters connected in Turbo mode cannot be reached
by a third connection partner.
If you operate your PC in a WLAN with several connection partners, you
should activate Turbo mode only when you need it, e. g. to transfer
larger data volumes.
If your PC frequently has trouble reaching a particular connection partner,
you should check its settings:
If necessary, deactivate the Turbo Mode option in the configuration
profile of the connection partner.


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