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Samsung HG43NF690U Installation Manual Page 23

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y RJP (Remote Jack Pack): The RJP is a hardware module that has various Audio and Video inputs (A/V Video, A/V Audio,
PC and HDMI) and corresponding outputs. The corresponding outputs are connected from the RJP to the TV. The RJP
communicates with the TV via RS232. The RJP communicates with the TV by sending messages regarding Active/
Inactive sources.
– A group of hotel menu items let you assign numbered priorities to the jacks of the RJP. 1 is the highest priority
and 3 is the lowest. When a guest connects external sources to the RJP jacks, the TV will automatically switch
between sources based on the priority you have assigned them in the Menu. For example, lets say AV is set to
1 and HDMI to 2. If a guest has attached a device to the HDMI jack, and then plugs a device into the AV jack, the
TV automatically switches to the device plugged into the AV jack (the jack with the higher priority). Note that a
guest can also switch between devices manually by pushing a button on the RJP.
y To reset the RJP to its factory default state, press the AV and HDMI buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. When all
button LEDs blink 5 times, the RJP reset is complete.
y The RJP will automatically turn off any LEDs after 5 minutes to avoid unnecessary light pollution in the hotel room.
The LEDs that were turned off will turn on again if the guest touches any of the buttons and the 5 minute timer
will restart. If the guest then touches another source button, the TV will change to the selected source and the
corresponding LED will be lit.
y After an RJP Reset or a TV Power OFF/ON, it takes approximately 10 seconds to establish communications between the
TV and the RJP.
y The following table shows the approximate time in seconds it takes to switch from the TV to an input source, based on
assigned or default priorities.
✎ Scenario 1: When no inputs are connected.
✎ Scenario 2: When two or more inputs are connected to the RJP and one of the input sources is disconnected and
then reconnected.
✎ An example: If the RJP has all its live sources (AV, PC, and HDMI) connected, AV has been assigned the highest
priority, the RJP is in HDMI mode, and a guest removes and reconnects the AV source, the minimum time
required to switch to the AV source is 6.5 seconds.
y To play audio devices (Ipods, MP3 devices, etc.) through the RJP, you must turn Music Mode AV in the menu on.
y Music mode in the TA-7610 RJP is supported by the AV jack only. HDMI Music mode is available for the Guestlink RJP
To Connect
2 Sec
3.9 Sec
To Connect
4.5 Sec
3.9 Sec
3.9 Sec
2 Sec
6.5 Sec
7.8 Sec


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