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Options - Electrolux EDH3497TDS User Manual

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1) The maximum weight refers to dry items.
2) The
ble for drying normal wet cotton laundry and it is the most efficient program in terms of ener‐
gy consumption for drying wet cotton laundry.
3) For test institutes only: Standard programs for tests are specified in the EN 61121
4) Only with the Drying Rack (standard accessory or optional, depending on model).
5) The wool drying cycle of this tumble drying machine has been tested and approved by
The Woolmark Company. The cycle is suitable to dry wool garments, which are labelled
"hand wash" provided that the garments are washed in a Woolmark endorsed hand wash‐
ing cycle and tumble dried according to the instructions issued by the manufacturer.


6.1 Time
This option is applicable only to the Time
Drying programme. You can set the
programme duration, from a minimum of
10 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours.
The setting of the duration is related to
the quantity of laundry in the appliance.
We recommend that you set
a short duration for small
quantities of laundry or for
only one item.
Easy care fabrics for which a minimum of
ironing is necessary. The drying results
can be different from one type of fabric to
the other. Shake the items before you
put them in the appliance. When the pro‐
gramme is completed, Immediately re‐
move the items and put them on a hang‐
Single or double duvets and pillows (with
feather, down or synthetic fillings).
Leisure clothing such as jeans, sweat-
shirts of different material thicknesses
(e.g. at the neck, cuffs and seams).
Sportswear, thin and light fabrics, micro‐
fiber, polyester.
Cotton Cupboard Dry program is the "Standard cotton programme". It is suita‐
Type of load
6.2 Wool Load
This option is applicable only to the Wool
programme. To get laundry more dried
press the Wool Load
and again to increase the programme
duration (estimated drying time will
appear on the display).
6.3 Anti-crease
Extends up to 90 minutes the anticrease
phase (30 minutes) at the end of the
drying cycle. After drying phase drum
rotates time to time what prevents the
mclothes from creases. Laundry can be
removed during the anti-crease phase.
Load (max.)
Fabric mark
1,5kg (or 7
touchpad again



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