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Carton Contents; Operation - Craftsman 31017 Operator's Manual

3-drawer bb chest
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No hardware included.

cartoN coNteNts

to attacH cHest
· Remove enough drawers to access the top and bottom
mounting surfaces of the units. Refer to drawer removal
· Place the chest in the desired location on top of the cabi-
net or intermediate chest and mark the mounting hole
locations onto the cabinet top.
· Remove the chest and drill two 5/16" (8mm) holes
through the top of the cabinet or intermediate chest.
· Secure the units together using two 1/4 - 20 x 5/8"
screws and nuts at each joint.


Note: Not all operation instructions will relate to your model.
to LocK cHest
▪ Make sure drawers are fully closed.
▪ Insert the lockbar (which stores in the top tray), tabbed
end up, into the slot in the top tray and down into the slot
in the base.
▪ Close the cover and lock with the key.
to uNLocK cHest
• Reverse above procedure..
removiNG DraWers
• Empty the drawer.
• Fully extend the drawer.
Lever style - Lift or lower (depending on the slide) the
release lever on both sides (this allows the slides to ride
over the stops). Pull out to remove.
tab style - Depress the release tabs on both sides,
(this allows the slides to ride over the stops).
Pull out to remove.
friction style - Fully extend the drawer. Insert screwdriver
into the slot in the side and push in on the stop until it
clears the lance. Pull drawer just past lance before
releasing stop. Repeat the process for the other slide.