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Jbat1: Clear Cmos (reset Bios) Jumper; Ez Debug Led; Resetting Bios To Default Values - MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS Manual

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JBAT1: Clear CMOS (Reset BIOS) Jumper

There is CMOS memory onboard that is external powered from a battery located on
the motherboard to save system configuration data. If you want to clear the system
configuration, set the jumper to clear the CMOS memory.

Resetting BIOS to default values

1. Power off the computer and unplug the power cord
2. Use a jumper cap to short JBAT1 for about 5-10 seconds.
3. Remove the jumper cap from JBAT1.
4. Plug the power cord and power on the computer.

EZ Debug LED

These LEDs indicate the status of key components during booting process. When an
error is occurred, the corresponding LED stays lit until the problem is solved.
Keep Data
CPU - indicates CPU is not detected or fail.
DRAM - indicates DRAM is not detected or fail.
VGA - indicates GPU is not detected or fail.
BOOT - indicates the booting device is not detected
or fail.
Clear CMOS/
Reset BIOS
Overview of Components


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  • Rumiant Dec 02, 2019 06:44:
    Check the RAM slots i mean try change between the slots numbers 1-4, then choose 3 and 4 slot install memory that's it. If take one of them and try different slot 1-3 then after it works challenge the second for the last slot
  • Onne Nov 24, 2018 07:15:
    For some reason when i connect the cpu power cables too the mother board, it shuts everything off and when i reboot, everything turns on for a second and shuts off immediatel​y. If i disconnect The cpu cables from the mother booard, everything is running(fa​ns,cpu cooler, lights) but i cant see anything on my monitors. Help?