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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 95

Patient monitor.
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Transferring Patients
Data Exchange Between Information Centers
You can transfer demographic data and trend data from one IIC to another by selecting Transfer
on the patient monitor. Trend data is not shared between Information Centers and monitors.
Resolving Patient Information Mismatch
When you connect together devices which store patient demographic data, for example:
• an MMS and a monitor,
• an X2 or MP5 and a host monitor,
• a monitor and an Information Center,
the system compares patient category, paced status, and unique patient identification in order to
synchronize this information. If configured to do so, the monitor indicates a mismatch if the
information is not identical.
When a monitor is connected to an Information Center by the wireless IntelliVue Instrument
Telemetry interface, the patient data will automatically be merged in the case of a transfer. This
means there is no patient discharge at the monitor and settings and trend data will be retained. You
will see a message on the monitor and the Patient Demographics window will automatically appear
so that you can check the data and change it if necessary.
It is important to resolve the mismatches as soon as they are identified. Failure to do so could result
in using incorrect/confusing data to make clinical decisions. Certain settings, for example Paced
and Patient Category, may not match between the Information Center and the monitor. If the
Paced status is set incorrectly, the system could mistake a pace pulse for a QRS and fail to alarm in
the case of asystole. It is important that the Patient Category is set correctly so the ECG can be
analyzed correctly and initial arrhythmia alarm limits set.
In the case where an MP5 or X2 with an IntelliVue Instrument Telemetry interface is declared as a
"telemetry device" at the Information Center and is connected to a host monitor, it is important to
resolve an existing mismatch between the monitor and the Information Center before
disconnecting the MP5/X2. Failure to do so discharges the MP5/X2 and synchronizes the
demographics and settings to the Information Center.
Manually Resolving Patient Mismatch
The source of the patient mismatch is indicated by question marks (???) and displayed in the status line
at the bottom of the screen (Patient ???, Patient Category ??? or Paced ???).
The Select Patient window automatically opens so you can decide which patient data to use.
You do not have to resolve the mismatch immediately, but the indicators remain until you do.
For some common mismatch situations, the monitor will simplify the resolution by suggesting a
solution for the mismatch. For example, when a patient arrives after transport and the Transfer key
has been selected, the monitor will show this patient's data and ask Complete transfer of
this patient?. You can then select Yes to complete the transfer. If you select No you will go to
the Select Patient window.
After you resolve the mismatch, the monitor displays a confirmation window that shows the patient
that has been selected and where data will be erased, if applicable. Confirm your choice. The monitor
automatically displays the Patient Demographics window after confirmation. Verify that the
settings shown are correct for the patient.
6 Managing Patients


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