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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 52

Patient monitor.
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4 Alarms
Press the Alarms key.
Pausing alarms infinitely is the same as switching them off.
To Switch Individual Measurement Alarms On or Off
Select the measurement numeric to enter its setup menu.
Select Alarms to toggle between On and Off.
The alarms off symbol is shown beside the measurement numeric.
While Alarms are Paused or Off
• The red Alarms Paused lamp on the monitor front panel is lit.
In the
ALARMS PAUSED or ALARMS OFF, together with
the alarms paused symbol and the remaining pause
time in minutes and seconds, or alarms off symbol.
• No alarms are sounded and no alarm messages are
• INOP messages are shown but no INOP tones are
The only exceptions are the INOPs CUFF NOT DEFLATED, CUFF OVERPRESS and INOPs
relating to empty, missing and malfunctioning batteries.
These INOPs switch the alarms on, and the INOP tones are sounded, even if alarms are paused or
off. You need to remove the INOP condition first before you can switch the alarm tones off again.
If a NO SENSOR or NO TRANSDUCER INOP is present and alarms are paused or switched off, the
measurement in question is switched off.
Restarting Paused Alarms
To manually switch on alarm indication again after a pause, press the Alarms key again.
Alarm indication starts again automatically after the pause period expires. If the monitor is configured
to stay paused infinitely, you must select ALARMS OFF again to restart alarm indication.
Resetting Arrhythmia Alarm Timeouts
To reset the arrhythmia alarm timeout period, press the Alarms key and then press it again.
Extending the Alarm Pause Time
If your monitor has extended alarm pause enabled, you can extend the alarm pause time. Use this to
prevent alarms being indicated, for example, while you are washing a patient or carrying out a
procedure. Only extend the alarm pause time when you are sure that clinical personnel are available to
monitor the patient's condition closely.
To extend the alarm pause time to five or 10 minutes,
monitor displays the message
field, the
Pausing or Switching Off Alarms


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