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Using Labels - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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2 Basic Operation
Changing the Wave Group Speed
The wave speed group setting defines the speed of all the waves in the group.
To change the wave speed of a wave speed group,
Select Main Setup -> User Interface
Select Global Speed or RespiratorySpeed, as required
Select a value from the list of available speeds.
Changing Wave Speed for a Channel
To change the wave speed of an individual wave channel,
Enter the
Select Change Speed.
To set the speed to the wave group speed, select RespiratorySpeed or Global Speed.
To set an individual channel speed, select a numeric value from the list of available speeds. This
overrides the wave group speed setting and sets the speed for the individual wave channel on the
monitor Screen. The wave channel speed is independent of the wave (label) depicted in the
channel, if you change the wave, the new wave will retain the set channel speed.

Using Labels

You can measure up to three invasive pressures and temperatures simultaneously. The monitor uses
labels to distinguish between them. The default settings defined in the profile (such as measurement
color, wave scale, and alarm settings) are stored within each label. When you assign a label to a
measurement, the monitor automatically applies these default settings to the measurement. The labels
assigned are used throughout the monitor, in reports, recordings, and in trends.
Changing Measurement Labels (e.g. Pressure)
To change a measurement label of a measurement with multiple labels (invasive pressure or
Enter the Wave menu of the measurement.
Select Label.
Choose a label from the list.
The monitor automatically applies the scale, color, etc. settings stored in the Profile for the label you
select. You can change scale settings in Monitoring Mode, but color can only be changed in the
monitor's Configuration Mode.
Any labels already being used in the monitor are shown "grayed-out" in the list and cannot be selected.
Resolving Label Conflicts
Each label must be unique, that is, it can only be assigned once. If you have a MMS Extension
equipped with a pressure measurement connected to the monitor, there is a potential conflict with, for
example, the ABP label. If you manually enter measurement values these may also conflict with existing
labels on the monitor.
Depending on your configuration, the monitor will either
menu for a measurement by selecting its wave.
Using Labels


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