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Understanding Screens - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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Understanding Screens

The monitor enters Standby mode automatically after the End Case function is used to discharge a
patient. Standby suspends patient monitoring. All waves and numerics disappear from the display but
all settings and patient data information are retained. A special Standby screen is displayed.
If a patient location is entered at the Information Center, this will also be displayed on the Standby
screen (availability depends on Information Center revision).
To resume monitoring,
Select anything on the screen or press any key.
Understanding Screens
Your monitor comes with a set of pre-configured Screens, optimized for common monitoring
scenarios. A Screen defines the overall selection, size and position of waves and numerics on the
monitor screen when you switch on. You can easily switch between different Screens during
monitoring. Screens do NOT affect alarm settings, patient category and so forth.
Switching to a Different Screen
To switch to a different Screen:
After closing any open menus or windows, press the Main Screen key to access the Change
Screens menu.
Choose the new Screen from the Change Screens menu.
Changing a Screen's Content
If you do not want to change the entire Screen content, but only some parts of it, you can substitute
individual waves, numerics, or trends. Be aware that these changes cannot be stored permanently in
Monitoring Mode.
To change the selection of elements on a Screen,
Select the element you want to change. For example, touch the wave to enter the wave setup menu,
or touch the numeric to enter the numeric setup menu.
From the menu that appears, select Change Wave or Change Numeric, and then select the
wave or numeric you want.
Press any key or select any field on the screen
to resume monitoring
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