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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 27

Patient monitor.
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Operating and Navigating
Key to measurement setup menu:
INOP and alarm message field.
Wave/numerics window.
Status/prompt message.
Next page arrows.
Measurement menu buttons.
Main Setup Menu
There is usually more than one way to enter a setup menu for a measurement, to change a setting or to
execute a task. Some routes are more direct than others. You can use whichever method you find most
convenient. Which routes are available to you, however, can vary depending on your monitor's
For this reason, this book generally describes entry to a measurement's setup menu via the Main Setup
menu, as this route is always available and is not subject to configuration dependencies. You can get to
all setup windows from the Main Setup menu. You enter the Main Setup menu by pressing the
SmartKeys key, then selecting the Main Setup SmartKey.
A SmartKey is a configurable graphical key on the screen allowing fast access to frequently used
functions. Press the SmartKeys hard key to call up a set of SmartKeys on the screen. Although the
selection of SmartKeys available on your monitor depends on the monitor configuration and on the
options purchased, the SmartKeys window generally looks like this:
These are always displayed at the top of the screen.
The main measurement numeric and wave (if applicable) are shown in
this window so that you do not lose sight of the current measurement
while making changes in the menu.
Status/prompt messages related to the measurement menu are displayed
below the wave/numerics. General status/prompt messages on the main
screen are covered by the measurement setup menu.
The menu may have more than one page, as shown here. Move to another
page by touching these arrows.
Each button has two lines of text. To perform an operation on a
measurement, press one of the buttons. Some buttons lead directly to a
task. For example, pressing the
blood pressure starts a measurement. Other buttons open a pop-up
window, which can have more than one page, from which you make a
selection. Again, using noninvasive blood pressure as an example, pressing
button for setting the repetition time opens a pop-
Repeat Time
up window from which you pick a time, scrolling if necessary.
2 Basic Operation
button for noninvasive
Main Setup
From here you can get to all setup


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