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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 227

Patient monitor.
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Battery Power Indicators
Battery status/malfunction indicator: Normal battery function is indicated by the battery power
gauge, together with the remaining operating time, on the Main Screen. You are informed of problems
or changes in the status of the battery by the battery status/malfunction indicator. This consists of a
blank battery gauge containing a symbol. If the symbol is red, this indicates a critical situation. You can
check the specific cause of the problem by looking at the symbol(s) displayed in the Battery
Status window (see page 219).
Battery status indicator
Monitoring Time Available: While the monitor is running on battery power, a time is displayed
below the battery power gauge. No time is displayed when the monitor is running on AC mains power
via the external power supply (M8023A). This is the estimated monitoring time available with the
current battery power. Note that this time fluctuates depending on the system load (the display
brightness and how many measurements you carry out), the age of the battery, and the remaining
capacity of the battery.
Battery Status Window
To access the Battery Status window and its associated pop-up keys, select the battery status
information on the Screen, or select Main Setup -> Battery.
Capacity, remaining tells you how much power is left in the battery.
Capacity, fullCharge tells you how much power the battery can hold when fully charged.
Alternates with the battery gauge on the
Main Screen.
Battery Status
Check in the
window to see which status symbol is
displayed to identify the cause.
Battery Status
Battery malfunction indicator
The red
situation or malfunction. Check
in the
window to see which malfunction
indicator is displayed, or refer to
the INOP, to identify the cause.
Indicator for missing battery
(flashing red X). An INOP is
issued when the battery
compartment is empty, and the
monitor is connected to AC
mains via the external power
supply. This
for 15 seconds while the monitor
is connected to AC mains power,
allowing you sufficient time to
load a new battery. After
silencing, the INOP cycles every
10 seconds until a battery is
2:33 hrs
21 Using Batteries
flashes. Critical battery
Battery Status
INOP is suppressed


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