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Sample Report Printouts - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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Sample Report Printouts

Printer Status Message
NoPrinter <Printer
name>;job susp
Print Database
full->job suspnd.
Job <Printer name>
Print job on
<Printer name>
Sample Report Printouts
Each report header contains the patient's bed label, last name and first name, middle name (if there is
enough space) the patient ID, the date and time, and the name of the report. The report footer
contains the hospital label and page number, and the last page contains a note to mark the report end.
The monitor may be configured to leave a space on the top left or right of the report printout to enable
you to stick a patient address label on it. This setting is called the Addressograph and it can only be
changed in the monitor's Configuration Mode.
Possible causes and suggested action
The chosen device is unavailable. Check that the printer is properly
connected and that paper is available. The requested report will start
printing when the printer becomes available.
The requested report does not fit into the print database. You can select
another printer to print the report (see "Unavailable Printer: Re-routing
Reports" on page 207). Alternatively you can delete another report from
the Reports Job List (using the Stop report key) to create space for your
A report cannot be started on the requested printer.
One of three reasons will also be shown in the status message:
• data requisition error (data error) - an internal error has caused
data required for the report to be unavailable, try starting the report
• printer unavailable (no printer)- make sure the printer is
plugged in, switched on, and has paper loaded.
• data unavailable (no data) - the connected X2 or MP5 has been
removed before the data for the report was transferred.
The report has been printed.
19 Printing Patient Reports


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