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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 203

Patient monitor.
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Screen Trends
Setting the Screen Trend Time
To set the ScreenTrend Time for all graphical, histogram and horizon screen trends ("global"
trend time),
Select a screen trend then select Setup Trend, or select Main Setup -> Trends.
Select ScreenTrend Time and select the required time: 30 minutes, one, two, four, eight, or
twelve hours.
This is now the Global screen trend time and defines the period of trend information shown for all
screen trends.
To set a different ScreenTrend Time for a screen trend or a group of aligned screen trends,
Select a screen trend
Select Change TrendTime
Select the required trend time.
Selecting Global leaves the trend time set to the global screen trend time.
Changing the Selection of Screen Trends Displayed
Select the screen trend.
Select Change Trend and select the required trend from the list of available trends.
Select Blank to remove the selected trend from the Screen.
If you do not see Change Trend in the screen trend menu, the trend is aligned to display with
the measurement wave. Changing the wave automatically changes the trend.
To display two or more screen trends overlapping,
Select the screen trend to open the screen trend menu,
Select Change Trend -> Add Trend and select a screen trend from the pop-up list.
Activating the Cursor for Screen Trends
To activate the cursor for Screen Trends:
Select the screen trend.
Select Activate Cursor
You can now use the arrow keys to move the cursor across the time line. The values measured at the
cursor time are shown next to the cursor.
To de-activate the cursor,
Press the Main Screen key.
Changing the Screen Trend View
To switch between tabular, graphic, histogram and horizon views, select the screen trend then select
Change View and select the required view.
Tabular View
Aperiodic measurements such as NBP, can be viewed as a screen trend in tabular form. The measured
values and their timestamps are shown, with the measurement label.
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