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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 198

Patient monitor.
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17 Trends
In the expanded view, you can also highlight a measurement to make it more easily visible (for example
when multiple ST trends are in one segment). To highlight a measurement,
in the Segment menu, select Highlight repeatedly until the highlight is on the required
To return the segment to its original size,
in the Segment menu, select Expand again.
Trend Scales for Segment Measurements
To change the trend scales for a measurement in the current segment:
In the segment menu, select the measurement label
Select Upper to change the upper limit of the scale or Lower to change the lower limit of the
Optimum Scale
To have the monitor automatically select an optimum scale for viewing, based on current values,
in the Segment menu, select Optimum Scale.
This scale change is temporary. When the graphical trend window is closed the scale reverts back to the
setting in Parameter Scales.
To switch off automatic optimum scaling,
in the Segment menu, select Optimum Scale again.
Trend Group
To add or remove measurements for this trend group or change the order of the existing
In the Segment menu, select Change Group
Use the Add, Change, Sort Up and Sort Down popup keys to change or re-order the group
as required.
No. of Segments
In an embedded graphical trend window, you can select the number of segments to be displayed in the
Segment menu:
In the Segment menu, select No. of Segments
Trend Groups
The measurements grouped in trend groups define the trends displayed together in the Vital Signs or
Graphics Trends windows and printed in trends reports and recordings. The sequence of the
measurements in the group defines the order in which they are displayed. Measurements listed between
dotted line separators are displayed overlapping. The trend group All contains all available
measurements, you cannot change the order or selection of this group.
To change the selection of measurements in a trend group, either use the Change Group setting in
the Segment menu or:
Setting Up Trends


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