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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 188

Patient monitor.
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15 Assigning Two Devices to One Patient
Correct channel configuration is important, refer to the Configuration Guide for details.
If a TELE DISCONNECT INOP occurs when the telemetry device goes out-of-range, the INOP will
disappear (without being silenced) as soon as the ECG signal from the telemetry device is available at
the Information Center via standard telemetry transmission.
T Manual Mode
When a telemetry device with a short range radio connection supplies SpO
monitor will have a manual measurement mode available. This allows SpO
on request and not continuously, helping to save battery power. To ensure there is no gap in SpO
measurements when moving from standard telemetry transmission to short range radio transmission,
the measurement mode will always be set to continuous in this situation unless manual mode is set in
both the telemetry device and the monitor.
Unassigning a Telemetry Transceiver with SRR Adapter at the Monitor
If a monitor and a telemetry device are paired, the assignment and the short range radio connection
will be ended when the devices are unpaired (see "Unpairing the Monitor and Telemetry Device" on
page 180).
If the monitor does not have a connection to an Information Center, you must manually end the
assignment and the short range radio connection.
Select the Measurement Selection key.
In the Measurement Selection window, select the Tele pop-up key.
In the Tele device window select Unassign Tele.
Refer also to "Use Models With Telemetry" on page 202 for further related use modes.
Unpairing the Monitor and Telemetry Device
If the patient will no longer be monitored with the telemetry device, or only with the telemetry device
and no longer with the monitor, you need to end the device pairing. After unpairing, the Information
Center will receive data exclusively from the monitor or from the telemetry device:
select the Unpair To Mon. SmartKey to end pairing and have the Information
Center receive the measurement data from the monitor
select the Unpair To Tele SmartKey to end pairing and have the Information
Center receive the measurement data from the telemetry device
use the Unpair function at the Information Center.
The Unpair SmartKeys and pop-up keys appear only on the monitor which is directly involved in
How Can You Combine Devices?
T to the monitor, the
measurements to be made


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