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Changing The Pressure Wave Scale; Optimizing The Waveform; Non-physiological Artifact Suppression; Choosing The Pressure Alarm Source - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

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Changing the Pressure Wave Scale

Changing the Pressure Wave Scale
Select the label of the pressure wave whose scale you want to set to enter the Setup menu.
In the Setup
Select a value from the pop-up list:
– a positive value sets the top gridline. The bottom gridline is set at zero.
– a negative value sets the bottom gridline. The middle gridline is set at zero.

Optimizing the Waveform

In the Setup <Press> menu, select Optimum Scale to let the monitor select the best
minimum and maximum scales for the current wave.

Non-Physiological Artifact Suppression

Some clinical procedures may affect blood pressure, for example, a flush procedure or a blood sample.
Your monitor may be configured to suppress these non-physiological artifacts for a specified duration
(Artifact Suppression is configured to 30, 60, or 90 seconds). During artifact suppression,
the monitor shows the INOP message <Pressure label> ARTIFACT, and a question mark is
shown beside the pressure numerics. Pressure alarms and the Pulse NON-PULSATILE INOP are
suppressed during the configured period. The CPP high alarm is not suppressed.

Choosing the Pressure Alarm Source

Make sure you set alarm limits for the correct label. The alarm limits you set are stored for that
particular label only. Changing the label may change the alarm limits.
You can monitor for alarm conditions in systolic, diastolic and mean pressure, either singly or in
parallel. Only one alarm is given at a time, in this order of priority: mean, systolic, diastolic.
In the Setup <Press> menu, select Al. from and choose the source.
Menu option
Sys & Dia
Dia & Mean
Sys & Mean
Select and set the High Limit and Low Limit for the pressure(s) you have selected.
menu, (for example ABP) select Scale.
Pressure value monitored
systolic and diastolic in parallel
diastolic and mean in parallel
systolic and mean in parallel
all three pressures in parallel
13 Monitoring Invasive Pressure


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