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Starting And Stopping Measurements; Enabling Automatic Mode And Setting Repetition Time; Enabling Sequence Mode And Setting Up The Sequence; Choosing The Nbp Alarm Source - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

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11 Monitoring NBP
During measurements the cuff pressure is displayed instead of the units and the repeat time. An early
systolic value gives you a preliminary indication of the systolic blood pressure during measurement.

Starting and Stopping Measurements

Use the Setup menu or SmartKeys to start and stop measurements.
Use clinical judgement to decide whether to perform repeated series of STAT measurements because of
the risk of purpura, ischemia and neuropathy in the limb with the cuff.
Enabling Automatic Mode and Setting Repetition
In the Setup NBP menu, select Mode and select Auto from the pop-up menu.
For an automatic measurement, select Repeat and set the time interval between two
Enabling Sequence Mode and Setting Up The
In the Setup NBP menu, select Mode and select Sequence from the pop-up menu.
Select Setup Sequence to open the Setup Sequence window.
Up to four measurement cycles can be setup which will run consecutively. For each cycle you can
set the number of measurements and the interval between them. If you want to run less than four
cycles in a sequence, you can set the number of measurements for one or more cycles to Off.
Select each sequence in turn and select the number of measurements and the time interval between
the measurements.
To have measurements continue after the sequence, set the number of measurements for your last
cycle to Continuous and this cycle will run indefinitely.
Be aware that, if none of the cycles are set to Continuous, NBP monitoring will end after the last
measurement of the cycle.
When the NBP measurement mode is set to Sequence, the repetition time for Auto mode cannot
be changed.

Choosing the NBP Alarm Source

You can monitor for alarm conditions in systolic, diastolic and mean pressure, either singly or in
parallel. Only one alarm is given, with the priority of mean, systolic, diastolic.
In the Setup NBP menu, select Al. from and choose from:
Starting and Stopping Measurements


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