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Pleth Wave - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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Pleth Wave

If you measure SpO
If the monitor is configured to suppress this alarm there may be a delay of up to 60 seconds in
indicating critical patient status, such as sudden pulse loss or hypoxia.
Alarm Delays
There is a delay between a physiological event at the measurement site and the corresponding alarm at
the monitor. This delay has two components:
• The time between the occurrence of the physiological event and when this event is represented by
the displayed numerical values. This delay depends on the algorithmic processing and the
configured averaging time. The longer the averaging time configured, the longer the time needed
until the numerical values reflect the physiological event.
• The time between the displayed numerical values crossing an alarm limit and the alarm indication
on the monitor. This delay is the combination of the configured alarm delay time plus the general
system delay time (see "Monitor Performance Specifications" on page 251).
Adjusting the Alarm Limits
In the Setup SpO
• Touch the high limit on the alarm limits menu button. Choose the high alarm limit from the pop-
up list that opens.
• Touch the low limit on the alarm limits menu button. Choose the low alarm limit from the pop-up
list that opens.
High oxygen levels may predispose a premature infant to retrolental fibroplasia. If this is a
consideration do NOT set the high alarm limit to 100%, which is equivalent to switching the alarm
Adjusting the Desat Limit Alarm
The Desat alarm is a high priority (red) alarm notifying you of potentially life threatening drops in
oxygen saturation.
In the Setup SpO
Adjust the limit.
Pleth Wave
The Pleth wave is autoscaled to maximum display size. It decreases only when the signal quality
becomes marginal. It is NOT directly proportional to the pulse volume. If you need an indication of
change in pulse volume, use the perfusion indicator.
on a limb that has an inflated NBP cuff, a non-pulsatile SpO
menu, select DesatLimit.
10 Monitoring SpO
INOP can occur.


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