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Switching Pulse On And Off; Using Pulse Alarms - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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8 Monitoring Pulse Rate

Switching Pulse On and Off

To switch a particular pulse numeric on or off, enter the Setup Pulse menu via the measurement
setup menu or wave menu of the pulse source. For example, to switch an SpO
Enter the Setup Pulse menu by selecting the Pulse numeric or by selecting Pulse in the
Setup SpO
In the Setup Pulse menu, select Pulse (Pulse Source) to toggle between On and

Using Pulse Alarms

You can change pulse rate alarm limits in the ECG/Pulse Alarms menu which can be accessed
from the Setup Pulse menu or the Setup ECG menu by selecting AlarmSrc (xxx) where
xxx is the current alarm source. Changing the alarm limits for a specific Pulse numeric changes the
alarm limits for all pulse rate alarms and heart rate alarms.
Pulse alarms are only generated when the active alarm source is set to Pulse, a pulse source is set as
system pulse and pulse alarms are switched on.
Selecting the Active Alarm Source: ECG or Pulse?
In most cases the HR and Pulse numerics are identical. In order to avoid simultaneous alarms on HR
and Pulse, the monitor uses either ECG or Pulse as its active alarm source. To change the alarm source,
select AlarmSrc in the ECG/Pulse Alarms menu, then select
• ECG: if you want the HR to be the alarm source for HR/Pulse.
• Pulse: If you select Pulse as the active alarm source, the monitor will prompt you to confirm your
choice. Be aware that if you select Pulse as the alarm source, all arrhythmia and ECG HR alarms are
switched off.
• Auto: If the AlarmSrc is set to Auto, the monitor will use the heart rate from the ECG
measurement as the alarm source whenever the ECG measurement is switched on and at least one
ECG lead can be measured without an INOP condition.
The monitor will automatically switch to Pulse as the alarm source if:
– a valid ECG lead can no longer be measured
– a Pulse source is switched on and available,
The monitor then uses the pulse rate from the measurement currently active as system pulse. While
Pulse is the alarm source, all arrhythmia and ECG HR alarms are switched off. If an ECG lead
becomes available again, the monitor automatically uses HR as alarm source.
Note: If ECG is switched off, the monitor will always change to Pulse as alarm source, if a Pulse is
available. One exception to this rule can arise when you have a telemetry device paired with your
monitor. The monitor ECG is then deactivated but the monitor may be configured to allow only ECG
as the active alarm source. In this case the monitor will not switch to Pulse as alarm source and Pulse
will not be available as a selection in the ECG/Pulse Alarms menu.
Switching Pulse On and Off
pulse numeric on or


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