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Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual Page 129

Patient monitor.
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About the ST Measurement Points
Select the ST point you need to adjust by touching the appropriate point on the screen. The
current choice is highlighted (ISO point -80 in the screen example).
ST label and the ST numeric
that would apply using the
current points
1mV calibration bar
Cursors for adjusting ST
Highlighted ST point
Select the Apply Changes pop-up key to activate the new ST measurement points and
recalculate all ST values.
The most recent ST Points adjustment time is displayed in the Adjust ST Points window.
This information is cleared when a patient is discharged or when a new Profile is loaded into the
ST Points adjusted at 04 Apr 07 11:38
The ISO-point cursor positions the isoelectric point relative to the R-wave
peak. The relation is shown beside the ISO-point in milliseconds. Position the
ISO-point in the middle of the flattest part of the baseline (between the P and
Q waves or in front of the P wave).
The J-point cursor positions the J-point relative to the R-wave peak. It helps
you to correctly position the ST-point. Position the J-point at the end of the
QRS complex and the beginning of the ST segment.
The J-point cursor is not available if your monitor is configured to let you set
the ST point directly.
To position the ST-point relative to the J-point:
select either J + 60 or J + 80. Select J Point and use the arrow keys
to move the J-Point and position the ST-point at the midpoint of the ST
To position the ST-point directly:
select ST Point and use the left and right arrow keys to position the ST
point at the midpoint of the ST segment.
7 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Adjust ST Points


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