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About St Monitoring; Switching St On And Off - Philips M8102A Instructions For Use Manual

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About ST Monitoring

About ST Monitoring
The monitor performs ST segment analysis on normal and atrially paced beats and calculates ST
segment elevations and depressions. This information can be displayed in the form of ST numerics and
snippets on the monitor.
All available leads can be monitored continuously. The ECG waveform does not need to be displayed
on the monitor for ST Segment analysis.
ST analysis is always performed using a dedicated filter which ensures diagnostic quality. If you are
monitoring ECG using an ECG filter mode other than Diagnostic, the ST segment of the ECG wave
may look different from the ST segment of the ST snippet for the same wave. For diagnostic evaluation
of the ST segment, always switch to Diagnostic filter mode or use the ST snippet.
Some clinical conditions may make it difficult to achieve reliable ST monitoring, for example:
• if you are unable to get a lead that is not noisy
• if arrhythmias such as atrial fib/flutter are present, which may cause an irregular baseline
• if the patient is continuously ventricularly paced
• if the patient has left bundle branch block.
You should consider switching ST monitoring off if these conditions are present.
This monitor provides ST level change information; the clinical significance of the ST level change
information should be determined by a physician.
ST segment monitoring is intended for use with adult patients only and is not clinically validated for
use with neonatal and pediatric patients. For this reason, the recommended - and default - setting for
ST monitoring in neonatal and pediatric modes is ST Analysis: Off.

Switching ST On and Off

To switch all ST monitoring on or off, in the Setup ST Analysis menu, select ST
Analysis to toggle between On and Off.
Selecting Leads for ST Analysis
You select which leads to use for ST analysis in the Setup ST Analysis menu.
To see the current list of leads selected for ST analysis:
Enter the Setup ST Analysis menu.
Select Setup ST Leads. This opens the Setup ST Leads pop-up window. Leads chosen
for ST monitoring are listed here. There are two pop-up keys at the bottom of the screen:
If all leads are already selected, the Add pop-up key is disabled.
To choose a lead for ST monitoring:
Select the Add key at the bottom of the Setup ST Leads window. This opens the Choices
pop-up window.
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