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Troubleshooting - Haier UA-0770E User Manual

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Questions and Answers:
Q. Accidentally running of microwave oven without any food in it.
Is it damaged?
We do not recommend operating the microwave oven without
any food, however, running the oven empty for a short time
will not damage the oven.
Q. What if oven does not turn on?
A. Check the following:
1) Is the oven plugged in securely?
Remove plug from the outlet, wait 10 seconds and reinsert.
2) Check circuit breaker or fuse. Reset circuit breaker or
replace fuse if it is tripped or blown.
Q. Can the oven be used with the glass tray removed?
No. The glass tray must be positioned correctly in the oven
before cooking.
Q. Why does warm air come from the oven vents and steam
accumulates on the oven door?
A. This is due to heat being given off from food cooking in the
oven cavity. The warm air is carried out of the oven by the
airflow pattern in the oven. There are no microwaves in the
air. The oven vents should never be blocked during cooking.
During cooking time, steam is given off from the food. Most
of the steam is removed from the oven by the air; which
circulates in the oven cavity. However, some steam will
condense on cooler surfaces such as the oven door. This is
Q. My microwave causes interference on my TV. Is this Normal?
A. Some Radio and TV interference might occur when you cook
with the microwave oven. This interference is similar to the
interference caused by small appliances such as mixers,
vacuums, blow dryers, etc. It does not indicate a problem with
your oven.
Q. Can TV dinner trays be placed in the oven?
A. Only TV dinners labeled microwave safe are recommended
for this oven. Make sure foil covers are removed from top of


Table of Contents

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