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Technical Safety - Miele SEB 213 Operating Instructions Manual

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Children may only use the vacuum cleaner and Electrobrush unsu-
pervised if they have been shown how to use them safely and recog-
nize and understand the consequences of incorrect operation. Chil-
dren must be able to understand and recognize the possible dangers
caused by incorrect operation.
Please supervise children in the vicinity of the vacuum cleaner and
Electrobrush and do not let them play with them.

Technical safety

Check the voltage rating of the Electrobrush before connecting it
to the vacuum cleaner. Your power supply should correspond to the
voltage rating listed on the data plate of both the Electrobrush and
the vacuum cleaner. Use only AC outlets. Connecting the vacuum or
Electrobrush to a higher voltage than indicated on the data plate will
damage the Electrobrush and may result in personal injury.
Please check the Electrobrush, the electric hose and the electric
wand for any visible signs of damage before using them. Do not use
a damaged appliance or component.
Repairs to the Electrobrush, electric hose and electric wand during
the warranty period should only be performed by a Miele-authorized
service technician. Otherwise, any subsequent damage to them will
not be covered by the warranty.
Do not allow the vacuum cleaner or Electrobrush, electric wand or
electric hose to get wet. Clean only with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
If any moisture gets into the appliance, danger of electric shock.
The Electrobrush, electric wand and electric hose contain power
cords. The plug connectors must not come in contact with water.
Danger of electric shock. They should only be cleaned with a dry
Repairs should only be carried out on the vacuum cleaner, the
Electrobrush, the electric wand and the electric hose by a Miele-au-
thorized service technician. Repairs by unqualified persons can
cause considerable danger to users.



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