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How To Call; Service Inspection List - Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB216JSH2-W-NE Handbook

Hand dryer
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10. How to call

Air blow is too weak to dry hands
Water leaks from the product.
Air does not blow immediately after
turning on the power and inserting
Warm air does not blow.
The product has an abnormal odor.

11. Service inspection list

Electric wiring
Wall installation
1 Check if the filter is clogged.
2 Isn't the air speed switch set at the STANDARD position?
1 Check if the drain tank is filled up. (Empty the drain tank.)
*Note: Drain water will overflow onto the floor when the drain tank is
filled up beyond its capacity.
2 Is the drain tank installed properly?
Initial setting takes 1.5 seconds after turning on the power. Operation
is disabled in the meantime.
1 Is the heater switch turned ON?
2 Is the room temperature lower than 32°C?
1 Check if the drain tank is filled up. (Empty the drain tank.)
2 Check the inside of the drain tank for any foreign matter. (Remove it.)
3 Is the inside of the side cover cleaned up?
Are lead wire connectors connected securely?
Is the wiring correct?
Do the power lamp (LED1), the heater lamp (LED2) (JT-
SB216JSH2-W/H/S-NE only, with the heater switch ON), and
blue indicators (LED10, 11) come on?
Does it operate properly?
Isn't there any abnormal noise, vibration, etc?
Is warm air blown?
Isn't there clearance between the product and the back wall?
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