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How To Manually Turn The Heaters On/off; Configure The Heater Feature - Honeywell CN75 User Manual

75 series.
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Pre-heating keeps the windows warm to minimize condensation and frost when
the computer is removed from cold storage allowing for quicker defrost times. The
heaters switch to full power to defrost the windows when the computer detects a
quick rise in the ambient temperature.
In Preemptive mode, the cold storage battery life ranges from a maximum of
6 hours to a minimum of 1.5 hours depending on the heater Power on time set.
The window defrost times range from zero to a maximum of one minute with
factory default settings.
You can configure the heater operation for your individual environment from the
Heater option in the Settings app or by editing the Heater key values in the
DeviceConfig.xml file. To learn more, see

How to Manually Turn the Heaters On/Off

If you want to manually turn the heaters on or off while in cold storage, tap the
If the Manual mode (Preemptive mode) setting is enabled, the heater Power on
time delay timer is not stopped if the icons are used to turn the heater on or off. The
timer continues to run and the heaters still turn on when the timer expires.
If the Manual mode (Preemptive mode) setting is disabled, the heater Power on
time delay timer is not used and pre-heating does not automatically start, but the
snowflake icon

Configure the Heater Feature

You can configure the following parameters in the Settings app or the
DeviceConfig.xml file to optimize the Heater feature to fit your specific application
To learn more about how to configure the heater using the Settings app or by
modifying the DeviceConfig.xml file with EZConfig, see
Settings App:
Heater Setting
Turn heater on when
the temperature has
changed by:
or heater icon
in the status bar.
can still be tapped to turn on the heaters for pre-heating.
Heater Key
Configure the Heater Feature
Enable or Disable the heater feature and
temperature monitoring. Tap the switch button at
the top of the screen to toggle the feature on or off.
The default is ON.
Set the sensitivity of the cold storage exit trigger.
To detect a cold storage exit, the computer looks
for a quick rise in temperature (°C), defined by this
setting, over a brief period of time. The default is
75 Series Mobile Computer User Guide
on page 22.


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