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Where To Find Product Documentation - Honeywell Galaxy Dimension series Integration Manual

Security center
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Where to find product documentation

You can find our product documentation in the following locations:
Installation package.
installation package. Some of the documents also have a direct download link to the latest
version of the document.
Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP).
available from the GTAP
log on to GTAP.
Security Center client and web-based applications include help, which explain how
the product works and provide instructions on how to use the product features. Patroller
and the Sharp Portal also include context-sensitive help for each screen. To access the help,
click Help, press F1, or tap the ? (question mark) in the different client applications. | Honeywell Galaxy Control Panel Integration Guide 5.2
EN.550.007-V5.2.C4(3) | Last updated: March 11, 2014
The documentation is available in the Documentation folder of the
page. Note, you'll need a username and password to
The latest version of the documentation is