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Create Custom Event Mappings; Configuring The Heartbeat Connection; Configure The Heartbeat Connection On The Control Panel - Honeywell Galaxy Dimension series Integration Manual

Security center
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Create custom event mappings

You can create custom events that are received in Security Desk when a PIN is entered from a
keypad on the control panel. You must map the user code to an event name.
Only users with security code 1.0 and higher can trigger custom events from a keypad.
From the Intrusion detection task in Config Tool, select the intrusion detection unit to
configure, and click the
In the
Custom event mappings
In the
User code
In the Custom event name column, type a name for the custom event.
Type a meaningful event name so you can easily identify that event later on.
Click Apply.
You can now create events-to-action using the custom events. See
Security Center actions"

Configuring the heartbeat connection

The heartbeat feature monitors the connection between Security Center server and the control
panel. When this feature is enabled, the Intrusion Manager role sends messages to the panel
every 30 seconds. If the Security Center server goes down, the control panel stops receiving
messages from the Intrusion Manager, and an action is triggered on the panel (for example,
notifying a third party, such as a central station). When no input is selected, this feature is
To enable heartbeat monitoring:

"Configure the heartbeat connection on the control panel"

"Configure the heartbeat connection in Security Center"
Configure the heartbeat connection on the control panel
To configure heartbeat monitoring on your control panel, you need to create two links. One link
is from an input to a latch timer. The input receives the heartbeat messages from the Intrusion
Manager. If the link is deactivated (the server goes down), the latch timer notifies another input
through link number two, which can trigger another action on the panel.
For information, see the Honeywell Galaxy Dimension Installer Manual.
Before you begin:
Using a keypad on the control panel, set the zone
Set the
link source. | Honeywell Galaxy Control Panel Integration Guide 5.2
EN.550.007-V5.2.C4(3) | Last updated: March 11, 2014
section, click
column, type the user code located on the control panel.
on page 34.
Make sure you have two free inputs, and a latch timer.
for input 1 to
on page 31
Link. This function allows the input to be used as a
Configuring the intrusion detection unit
"Map Galaxy panel events to
on page 30
for input 1 and input 2:



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