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Using the keyboard

The keyboard is ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use.
Awkward arrangement of input or output devices, incorrect arm movements or posture, or working with the
keyboard or mouse for lengthy periods without a break can lead to tenseness, fatigue, and damage to the
locomotor system (nerves, muscles, tendons, and joints).
You can considerably reduce the risk of this happening if you follow the advice given below:
Position the keyboard so that you can use it without any noticeable strain. The keyboard should be
aligned parallel with the upper part of your body. This alignment enables a relaxed shoulder and arm
The distance between the keyboard and the edge of the desk should be 5 to 10 cm.
When typing, hold your hands and
forearms so that they form as
natural a line as possible.
Do not turn your hands too far to
the left or right.
Keep your wrists straight while
Do not angle your hands upwards
or downwards.
Do not rest your hands on the balls of your thumbs while typing, and do not strike the keys too hard.
Relax your hands by occasionally taking a break from typing. During these breaks you should rest your
hands on the balls of your thumbs or place your forearms on the armrests of your chair.
When you feel the need, do some exercises to loosen up.
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