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Making A Call; Taking A Picture; Keyguard - Nokia 7650 Quick Manual

Ccs technical documentation nhl-2na series transceivers
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Quick Guide

Making a call

Open the sliding cover. in standby mode key in the phone number including the area
Press green handset pic key to initiate the call
Press red handset pic key to end the call
Closing the sliding cover ends all voice calls and rejects an incoming call.

Taking a picture

IMPORTANT: Make sure to obey all laws governing the taking of pictures. Do not use this
feature illegally.
Open the sliding cover to open the camera lens and press soft key Camera in standby
mode. The Camera application opens and you can see the view to be captured on the
display of the phone.
Press the joystick to take a picture.
Press soft key Delete if you do not want to save the photo. Else the photos are saved
automatically in the Images application.
To take another picture press the joystick to return to the viewfinder.


To lock the keys close the sliding cover and press the soft key Keyguard. Key icon appears
on display.
To unlock the keys open the sliding cover and press the soft key Unlock and then OK.
When the keyguard is on, to answer a call, press the green handset pic key. During a call
the phone can be operated in the normal way. When you end or reject the call, the key-
pad will be automatically locked.
Note: When Keygard is on, calls may be possible to the emergency number programmed
into your phone (e.g. 112 or other official emergency number). Open the sliding keypad
and key in the emergency number and press
after you have keyed in its last digit.
For more information about using the phone kindly refer to the Nokia 7650 phone user's
Page 6
ãNokia Corporation.
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. The number is displayed only
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