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Performing Firmware Upgrade; Outline Of Firmware Upgrade - Hitachi EM-G21 User Manual

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6.1 Outline of Firmware Upgrade

"Firmware" refers to software that operates the Gateway. For proper operation of the
Gateway, it is requested that you always keep the firmware version up to date according
to the firmware upgrade procedures in this chapter. You can confirm the firmware
version currently installed in the Gateway according to the procedure in Section 6.2.
There are two firmware upgrade methods: automatic firmware upgrade (see Section 6.3)
and manual firmware upgrade (see Section 6.4).
 In order to keep the firmware of the Gateway up to date, the Gateway automatically
checks for a new firmware version over an applicable external network and, if a new
version is found, upgrades the firmware as scheduled. For the purpose of this
automatic firmware upgrade, a new version firmware file is downloaded in the
Gateway upon finding over the external network or, if the connection is busy, at the
time of upgrading the firmware.
 During upgrading of the firmware initiated by manual firmware upgrade, the ALARM
lamp in the front access area of the Gateway blinks in orange.
 While firmware upgrade is in progress, do not disconnect power until installation of
a new firmware version is finished. Otherwise, firmware upgrade will not complete
 When the Gateway has downloaded a new version firmware file and is manually
restarted before the predefined timeframe by unplugging and plugging the power
cord, the Gateway starts up in the new firmware version.
 When the Gateway starts up in the state of factory shipment and a new firmware
version is found after this startup process, the Gateway automatically upgrades the
firmware. Wait until downloading of a new version firmware file, restarting of the
Gateway, and upgrading of the firmware are all complete.
 For the purpose of upgrading the firmware, the Gateway automatically restarts and
all network connections temporarily get disconnected. Accordingly, terminate the
ongoing communications, if any (such as communications with the user PC
connected to the network), before upgrading of the firmware takes place.
 Operation of manual firmware upgrade is not available during upgrading of the
firmware, during task scheduling for automatic firmware upgrade, during restarting
of the Gateway, or during any setting/maintenance operation.
 Firmware upgrade does not guarantee upgrading of all functions to the latest.
 Use a firmware version applicable to the Gateway whenever you perform firmware
upgrade. Otherwise, the Gateway may become inoperative.
 Firmware upgrade may not always keep your settings. It is hence recommended
that you back up your settings before upgrading of the firmware takes place.
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Table of Contents

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