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Connection By Directly Typing Ssid On Windows® Xp - Hitachi EM-G21 User Manual

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5.4.2 Connection by Directly Typing SSID on Windows® XP
If you have not turned on the Gateway and/or the user PC, first start up the Gateway
and then start up the user PC.
Disconnect the LAN cable if connected between the user PC and the Gateway.
On the user PC, click Start and click Control Panel.
Click Network and Internet connections.
Click Network Connections.
Right-click Wireless Network Connection and select Properties (or Wireless LAN
Connection depending on the user PC configuration) from the drop-down menu to
open the "Wireless Network Connection Properties" window.
Click General tab, check Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box, and click
Properties button.
Click Obtain an IP address automatically radio button, click Obtain DNS server
address automatically radio button, and click OK button.
Click Wireless Networks tab, check Use Windows to configure my wireless
network settings check box, and click Add... button.
10. Click Association tab.
11. In "Network name (SSID)" field, type the SSID value you determined in
Subsection 5.1.1 (emg21-●●●●●●-1 for SSID-1 and emg21-●●●●●●-2 for SSID-2
where ●●●●●● depends on the actual unit).
12. In "Network Authentication" and "Data encryption" fields, select each option
according to your preference. A combination of WPA2-PSK and AES is
recommended for an IEEE 802.11n-based user PC.
13. In "Network key" field, type the Security Encryption Key value you determined in
Subsection 5.1.2.
14. Click Connection tab, check Connect when this network is in range check box,
and click OK button.
15. Ensure that the specified SSID appears in the list of "Preferred networks" section.
Note: If the specified SSID does not appear in the list, specifying of a wrong
parameter or value is suspect. Click Cancel button and redo Steps 3 through 15.
16. Click OK button to close the "Wireless Network Connection Properties" window and
then close other open windows if any.
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Table of Contents

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