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Wall-Mounting Installation Using Stand And Wall-Mounting Screws - Hitachi EM-G21 User Manual

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2.2.2 Wall-mounting Installation Using Stand and Wall-mounting Screws

When wall-mounting installation is selected, follow the procedure below.
 Keep clear areas around the Gateway so that no other device or wall exists within
5 cm of three open sides, top, and bottom of the Gateway placed for wall-mounting
installation. Placement of the Gateway in a poorly ventilated area may case the
Gateway to become overheated and may result in fire or damage to the Gateway.
 Avoid locations on the wall below for wall-mounting installation. Failure to follw
these instructions may result in personal injury or property damage.
 Location subject to strong shock or vibration.
 Location unable to support the mass of the Gateway.
 Location where the tip of the wall-mounting screw may damage cables routed
behind the wall or thrust out the other side of the wall in the next room.
 When mounting the Gateway onto the stand secured on the wall, unmounting the
Gateway from the stand secured on the wall, or connecting a cable on the Gateway
mounted on the wall, support the Gateway by hand to avoid extra mass.
To perform wall-mounting installation of the Gateway, do the steps below.
Hold the attached stand by one hand in such a manner that the apex of triangle
faces up. Hold the Gateway by the other hand in such a manner that its rear end
faces down. Then, while keeping their orientations, combine the Gateway and the
stand by sliding the hook plates on the equipment label side of the Gateway into the
mating slots on the front surface of the stand until they snap into place.
Apex of
facing up
The Gateway with its
rear end facing down
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Table of Contents

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