Installation Procedures By Methods; Vertical Installation On Horizontal Surface Using Stand - Hitachi EM-G21 User Manual

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2.2 Installation Procedures by Methods

2.2.1 Vertical Installation on Horizontal Surface Using Stand

When vertical installation on a horizontal surface is selected, install the Gateway
according to the procedure below.
Keep clear areas around the Gateway so that no other device or wall exists within
5 cm of four sides and top of the Gateway placed for vertical installation on a
horizontal surface. Placement of the Gateway in a poorly ventilated area may case
the Gateway to become overheated and may result in fire or damage to the Gateway.
Combine the vertically-oriented Gateway and the stand by sliding the hook plates on
the bottom of the Gateway into the mating slots on the upper surface of the stand
until they snap into place.
Place the combined Gateway and the stand on a horizontal surface where there is
no other device or wall within 5 cm of the four sides and the top of the Gateway.
Mount the attached USB caps on the unused USB ports in the front access area of
the Gateway (see Section 1.2 for the port location).
The Gateway
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Table of Contents

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