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Data Stream; View All Items - Launch CR-HD User Manual


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Follw the on-screen instructions to check the possible cause. Press [
and return to the previous screen.
Note: After clearing, you should retrieve trouble codes once more or turn
ignition on and retrieve codes again. If there are still some trouble codes in the
system, please troubleshoot the code using a factory diagnosis guide, then
clear the code and recheck.

4.2.3 Data Stream

Press [ ] [ ] button to select [Data Stream] in Main Menu screen and then
press [
] button to confirm, the screen will display as Figure 4-14: View All Items

Use [ ] [ ] button to select [View All Items] and press [
Figure 4-15 will appear:
Figure 4-13
Figure 4-14
CR-HD User's Manual
] to exit
], a screen similar to


Table of Contents

Table of Contents