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Korg KROSS Operation Manual: Effect Settings For A Combination Or Song

Synthesizer workstation.
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Using Effects
3. For MFX1 and MFX2, select a master effect for each.
The procedure is the same as when selecting an insert
effect. (see "Insert effects")
Note: Double-size effects can be selected only for MFX1.
(see "Double-size effects")
4. Press the On/Off button to turn the master effect on.
The master effect will alternate on/off each time you
press the button. If it is Off, the output of the master
effect will be muted.
5. Use Return1 and Return2 to adjust the output level of
the master effects.
Note: For each effect's Wet/Dry setting, the Wet value is
the output level of that effect. The Dry sound will not be
output. This value is multiplied by the return setting (with
Return= 127 as ×1.0) to determine the actual output level
of the master effect.
6. Select the MFX1 or MFX2 page, and edit the effect
parameters in each page. (Please see step 7 of "Insert
Effect settings for a combination or
In Combination and Sequencer modes, you can specify how
each timbre or track is routed to the insert effects, master
effects, and total effects. The procedure for adjusting settings
is similar in each mode. Here, we'll explain the procedure
for Combination mode.
1. Access the C-FX ROUTING> BUS page.
2. Use Bus (Bus Select) to specify the bus where the
output of each timbre will be sent. If you want the
output of the timbre to be sent to insert effect 1,
choose IFX1.
The display shows the routing, the insert effects, and the
chain settings. In this example, T01 (timbre 1) is using
IFX1 and 2. T02 is using IFX3, T03 is using IFX4, and
T11, T12, T13, and T15 are using IFX5.
3. Access the C-FX ROUTING> SEND page.
Use Send1 and Send2 to specify the send levels from
each timbre to the master effects.
This setting is valid only if Bus (Bus Select) is set to L/R
or Off.
Note: The actual send level is determined by multiplying
this setting with the Send1 or Send2 value of oscillators
1 and 2 in the program selected by the timbre. If the
program's S1 (Send1) or S2 (Send2) setting is 0, the
actual level will be 0 even if you raise the send level
setting here.
If Bus (Bus Select) is set to IFX1–IFX5, the S1 (Send1)
and S2 (Send2) (C-FX1 ROUTING> MIXER) settings
following the insert effect will determine the send levels
to the master effects.
4. Access the C-FX ROUTING> MIXER page.
FX Control Bus sends the timbre's output to the FX
control bus. Use this when you want to use a different
sound to control the input to an effect.
You can use the two FX control buses to control effects
with a great deal of flexibility. (see "FX Control Bus" on
page 209 of the Parameter Guide)


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