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Korg KROSS Operation Manual: Favorites Function; What Is The Favorites Function; Using The Favorites Function; Recalling A Favorite Sound

Synthesizer workstation.
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What is the Favorites function?

This function lets you register your favorite combinations or
programs using the 16 front panel pads so that you can recall
them instantly.
You can also register MIDI program changes to a favorite, as
a way to easily recall sounds on an external MIDI device.

Using the Favorites function

Recalling a favorite sound

1. Press the FAVORITES ACTIVE button to turn on the
Favorites function. (FAVORITES ACTIVE button lit
2. Press the BANK SELECT button to select a bank.
(BANK LED lit up)
3. Press one of the 1–16 pads to select a favorite. The
sound or settings you registered will be recalled.
(Button lit up)
Note: You can use the VALUE dial or the cursor buttons
◄►▲▼ to recall favorites consecutively.
Note: You can use a foot switch or MIDI foot controller to
recall favorites. (see page 23, and page 301 of the Parameter
Note: To turn off the Favorites function, press any one of the
PROG, COMBI, or SEQ buttons.

Registering a sound in Favorites

There are two ways to register a sound as a favorite.
• Directly register a sound as a favorite
• Modify an existing favorite registration
The two procedures are described below.

Favorites function

Directly registering a favorite sound
Here's how the sound that you've selected in Program mode
or Combination mode can be directly registered as a favorite.
1. In Program mode or Combination mode, select a
2. Hold down the EXIT button and press the
3. Use the BANK SELECT button to select a bank.
4. Press one of the 1–16 pads to register the sound to that
Add to Favorite function
You can also register a favorite by executing the Add to
Favorite function in Program mode or Combination mode.
Instead of step 2 described above, press the FUNCTION
button to access the function list, use the PAGE– (▲) and
PAGE+ (▼) buttons to select Add to Favorite, and press the
MENU (OK) button to execute. Use steps 3 and 4 described
above to register the favorite.
Modifying an existing favorite registration
In this method, you specify the favorite number, and change
the currently-registered sound to a different sound.
This method is convenient if you already know the sounds
you want and the order that you want to register them (for
example piano in A01 and organ in A02), so that you can
step through the favorites and change them consecutively.
1. Select a favorite whose sound you want to change.
2. Press the ENTER button to access the EDIT
If you want to keep the registrations and settings that
you made for the Favorites function, you must save
them before you turn off the power. To save these
settings, execute the Write Favorites function. (see
"Saving your Favorites" on page 54)
sound. (see pages 27, 45)
FAVORITES ACTIVE button to enter registration
mode. The display indicates "Add to Favorite," and
the bank LEDs and pads 1-16 blink.
Note: If you decide not to register the sound, press the
EXIT button.
(See "Recalling a favorite sound")
FAVORITE dialog box. The bank LED and the 1–16
pads you've selected will start blinking.


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