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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility
Safety Standards & Specifications
Medical electrical equipment can either generate or receive electromagnetic
interference. This product has been evaluated for electromagnetic
compatibility (EMC) with the appropriate accessories according to IEC
60601-1-2:2001, the international standard for EMC for medical electrical
equipment. This IEC standard has been adopted in the European Union as
the European Norm, EN 60601-1-2:2001.
Radio frequency (RF) interference from nearby transmitting devices can
degrade performance of the product. Electromagnetic compatibility with
surrounding devices should be assessed prior to using the product.
Fixed, portable, and mobile radio frequency communications equipment
can also affect the performance of medical equipment. See your service
provider for assistance with the minimum recommended separation
distance between RF communications equipment and the product.
The cables, sensors/transducers, and other accessories for which compliance
is claimed are listed in the Service and User documentation accompanying
the product.
The use of accessories, transducers and cables other than those specified
in the product service and user documentation can result in increased
electromagnetic emissions or decreased immunity of the product.
Short-range radio connections are subject to interruption due to
interference from other radio sources in the vicinity, including
microwaves, bluetooth devices, and DECT phones. Outside the
frequency band and 5% above and below, i.e. the exclusion band
according to IEC 60601-1-2, the short-range radio connection is immune
up to 3V/m in the frequency range from 80MHz to 2.5 GHz. Depending
on the strength and duration of the interference, the interruption may
occur for an extended period. Any interruption of the signal due to
interference, moving out of range, or for other reasons is indicated with
a Tele Disconnected INOP message.
The product should not be used next to or stacked with other
equipment. If you must stack the product, you must check that normal
operation is possible in the necessary configuration before the product
is used on patients.


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