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Intermittent Bundle Branch Block; Ecg And Arrhythmia Alarm Overview - Philips IntelliVue MX40 Instructions For Use Manual

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Intermittent Bundle Branch Block

Bundle branch and the other fascicular blocks create a challenge for the
arrhythmia algorithm. If the QRS during the block changes considerably
from the learned normal, the blocked beat may be incorrectly classified as
ventricular, causing false PVC alarms. You should always select a lead
where the bundle branch block beats have an R-wave that is as narrow as
possible to minimize incorrect calls. Ventricular beats should look different
from these 'normal beats'. Instead of trying to select two leads with a
narrow R-wave, it may be easier to just select one lead and use single lead
arrhythmia monitoring. Extra vigilance is required by the clinician for this
type of patient.

ECG and Arrhythmia Alarm Overview

The ECG and arrhythmia alarms available depend on which measurements
are switched on, and the arrhythmia option enabled for your MX40.
Cardiotach alarms are available when HR is on and the active alarm
source is ECG, but arrhythmia s switched off.
Basic arrhythmia alarms are available when Arrhythmia is switched on.
Enhanced arrhythmia alarms are available when Arrhythmia is
switched on and the Enhanced Arrhythmia option has been enabled for
your MX40.
To check your enabled settings, view the Standby screen.
Cardiotach Alarms
***Ventricualr Fibrillation/
***Extreme Bradycardia
***Extreme Tachycardia
*/**High heart rate
*/**Low heart rate
Additional Alarms with
Basic Arrhythmia Option
***Ventricular Tachycardia
*Pacer Not Capture
*Pacer Not Pacing
*PVCs/min HIGH (PVC >
ST/AR Arrhythmia Monitoring
Additional Alarms with
Enhanced Arrhythmia
*End Afib
*Supraventricular Tach
*Missed Beat
*Irregular HR
*End Irregular HR
*Ventricular Rhythm
*Run PVCs High
*Pair PVCs
*R-on-T PVCs
*Ventricular bigeminy
*Ventricular trigeminy
*Non-sustain VT
*Multiform PVCs
ECG and Arrhythmia Monitoring


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